Thank you for your offer of assistance to Universal Life Church Online.

The 10 questions in this questionnaire will present an idea about how ULC Online provides opportunities for our ministers to congregate and interact. We hope to match your interests to current needs within the community and make volunteering with us a rewarding experience. 
Each person who offers to volunteer their service is personally contacted shortly after making a submission. Thank you for the generous offer of your time to help us grow the community.
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First Name *

Please give us your name .
When we contact  you, we will know if we are in touch with the correct person. :)
History *

Tell us about your history with donating your time as a volunteer:

Ordination Status *

Is your ordination status with ULC openly known by friends and family or do you prefer to keep the information private? (We ask so that any opportunities available to be of assistance are matched to your preference for privacy.)

ULC Updates *

Are you subscribed to any of the following from ULC Online or ULC Seminary? (Select all that apply.)

Social Media *

Do you post semi-regularly to any social media accounts? If so, please select all that apply.
If you cross-post to multiple sites don't forget to include them!

Our Communities *

Are you a member of any of the following ULC Online communities? (Select all that apply.)

Website/Blog *

Do you have an active website or blog and the content is focused on personal development or spirituality?
Course Work *

Have you purchased or completed any of the courses offered through the Official ULC family websites:, ULCHQ or ULC Seminary?
Other Details *

You may have experience with something that may not be listed in the questions we asked, such as proofreading/spell checking, content writing, graphic and meme design, customer service, or something we have not thought of!

Please tell us about what you are most interested in. After submitting your answer below, the questionnaire is complete! We will contact you soon to discuss your interest in helping the ULC community. Many thanks.
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